No Coverage on touch control 不影響觸覺控制

Elastic and Durable Podstring耳機防摔繩超強拉伸力

Magnetic Strap for Airpods and Earbuds Podstring耳機防摔繩磁扣緊吸防耳機亂甩

Convenient and Simple Podstring耳機防摔繩簡單收納好整理

Chromatic and Fun Podstring耳機防摔繩提供七種顏色任選

Compatible with Sony, Bose, Samsung, and other major brands, other than AirPods 業界唯一 -- 提供入耳式耳機專用

Podstring -- your first choice for AirPods strap Podstring 守護耳機 處處安心